The OCC Orchestra with the Florence Community Choir


The Oregon Coast Chamber Orchestra concluded the 2017-2018 concert season with three fine performances featuring soloists Deidre Henderson and Richard Jones. The orchestra members wish to extend a big Thank You to the management of the concert venues and the volunteers who haul, load and unload the equipment, coordinate the refreshments and otherwise perform the unseen tasks that make our efforts to bring live music to a local audience such a success.

Most of the orchestra members are also involved in music education, dance bands, church groups and other musical outlets. On a limited budget and a with busy personal life, Maestro John Monks regularly rises to the challenge of simultaneously serving the varied interests of the orchestra while striving for maximum audience appeal. The successful accomplishment of these goals requires a researcher's meticulous selection methods, a composer's skill to craft custom arrangements of each composition for the available musicians, and the ideal conductor's personality of a saint with a sense of humor and a baton.

The Orchestra is always interested in new musicians of all instruments. Please use the Contact Us tab to introduce yourself and ask for more information.

We look forward to seeing you at one of the Spring series on April 29, May 4 or May 6, 2018. Details can be found under the Performances tab at the top of this page.