At thIe OCCO we use an email service called MailChimp to deliver updates and newsletters. This service is used by NPR and other large non-profit organizations. The advantages are that it's free for us! and allows our members to change their delivery preferences or even unsubscribe (we hope you don't). It also keeps track of bad email addresses or delivery problems, address changes and gives us an idea of how many subscribers are reading our updates.

If you are using the tabbed version of Gmail, our emails will end up in your Promotions tab unless you make a small change. This is because we are required by law to have a list-unsubscribe header and unsubscribe links in each of our emails (this is a good thing!). To have our communications land in your Primary tab, please do this: drag it from the Promotions tab over to the Primary tab and select "make this change permanent" in the yellow box. This will only affect email from the OCCO.

If you would like to receive email updates / newsletters from the OCCO, please use the Contact Us page to send us your address. Please make sure that is in your white list. Thanks!