Charles Perkins (1925-2013)
Charlie was born and raised in Los Angeles, and began playing his trumpet professionally in his late teens. He went on the road with the big bands in the early 50s, including a stint with the Harry James orchestra. He also backed Margaret Whiting and Rowan & Martin on the Las Vegas strip. A graduate of the University of California, Sacramento and a Music educator, he has had over a dozen compositions performed by the orchestra, some of which are listed below:

North Fork
Mouth of the Siltcoos
Mini Rondo
Sarah Swings
Odd Blues
Sometimes Mambo
One for Casey
Box Car
A Bassoon & Oboe Affair
Spanish Variations
Kentucky Trotter
Little Things
C.W. Dance No. 2
Charlotte's Web
The Last Waltz
A Little Latin

Robin DeVour
Robin is the founder and principal conductor of the Oregon Coast Chamber Orchestra and has arranged countless pieces for the orchestra (see his bio under Our Conductors). In addition, Robin has composed many fine pieces which have been performed by the orchestra, among which are:

Thingama Giga
Bossa Notsonova
Cancione Vieja (rhumba)
Dark Tango
Samba de Turned Out Delights
Sea Shanty Suite
Say Hi to Spring
A Little Sectional Work

Ralph Stricker-Chapman
Born in Minneapolis, Ralph Stricker-Chapman studied cello under Josh Koestenbaum of the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra before moving to Eugene and continuing his studies with Steven Pologe at the University of Oregon. He maintains a busy performance schedule, playing frequently with the Eugene Contemporary Chamber Ensemble (of which he is a founding member), Ballet Fantastique, the Oregon Bach Collegium. and Oregon Coast Chamber Orchestra.

"Sinfonia Concertante" written in the form used by Mozart and others during the Classical Period (1750 to 1800), is a four-movement composition scored for violin, viola, and cello soloists plus orchestra. The piece was performed by violinist Sigrid Karlstrom, violist Kate Rogers, and the composer in 2011 as part of the orchestra’s 10th season.